Friday, March 2

Wall Flowers.

Coast Magazine has an article about the artists John Fox and Sue Gill who live in the most unusual house on the edge of the Bay... know when I write ..bay..
...I always mean, Morecambe Bay!

We discovered their home once, on a prowl along the Bay's edge by Ulverston,  a few years ago.
It was then a mere tangle of bits of wood and a scrub land stretching from the wooden shack down to the water's edge.
We noticed at the foot of the ridge on which it's built...
...a thorn tree bedecked with scraps of beach combings and plastic washed up on the shoreline... loked like one of those prayer trees where you put a memory of someone that you were thinking of.
So I put my bit of plastic flotsam up for a friend.
It was not much more than a shack then. Now it seems an idyll of a home looking out on what John calls, "The ballroom in the sky"

Our home by the Bay is merely an old guesthouse built to give the mill workers of the Lancashire factories an annual weeks holiday by the sea. 

So anyway...this is a post dedicated to the green clad walls of the Bay...
(Whether Morecambe, Kent's Bank, Silverdale or Ulverston.) 
...with the growth of the mosses, ferns and lichens thriving on the sweet air coming down from the  mountains of the Lakes...

Thursday, March 1

Beloved Poem

Walt Whitman

Song of Myself

You sea! I resign myself to you
Also - I guess what you mean.
I behold from the beach your crooked inviting fingers,
I believe you refuse to go back
Without feeling of me,
We must have a turn together,
I undress, hurry me out of sight of the land,
Cushion me soft,
Rock me in billowing drowse,
Dash me with amorous wet,
I can repay you.

Photo taken on a Suffolk beach.

(Not one of my own poems!...I wish...but I love this .)

Tuesday, February 28

Poem for Open Link Night Week 33 at dVerse.

The Murmuration.

Did Steinbeck have the low-down

on starlings?

Someone did.

Are they held together

by the elastic string of time?

Their timing is certainly precise.

Even gulls

who get caught up

in that display

avoid black wings

that shimmer

in the late sun.

I posted this on the 1st. December last year but I'm putting it back up for dVerse this week.
It's Open Link Night Week 33.