Thursday, February 6

A Poem for Thursday....Two Sisters.

Two Sisters

They reared me.
Those two sisters
Who stand there
Side by side,
Smiling out at me from the  photo frame.
Cherry blossom falling around them
Like snowflakes
Tinged with cochineal …
Pink… used for the icing
They spread
 Into the middle of their sponge cakes.

They hauled me up
Those Scottish sisters.
With their german biscuits
Almond slices and
Scones…no raisins... thankyou!
Brought colour into my monochrome world.
Into grey years... brought laughter…
In a grey decade
Where the pavements were always wet with rain.

Those canny women
Wiped my nose.
Told me to stand up tall
And straitened the parting in my unruly hair.
Criticised my big feet...
"Big as shipyards
Big enough to float the Titanic",
They said.
Drew me into their strong arms
And called me
“Wee pet”.
Those sisters.

...this is linked to DeVerse...Meeting the Bar  this week it's Songwriting and the link to Poetry.
 I was published as a songwriter in the late 60s early 70s and find that most of my poetry now has to have some rhythm and the least an underlying rhythm to move it I read the work  quite a few times until a sense of pace comes into it naturally........
...why so long ago??
 well family ...children and The Potters House Penketh took precedence until I started writing again a few years ago.