Friday, July 27

I rang the bell!

The artist Martin Creed put together the suggestion that at 08.12 we the people of Britain ring a bell for 3 minutes to celebrate the opening of the Olympic Games 12 hours later...that being 20.12. Well, I rang the back door bell and listened for others ...but no other sounds came back at me. Not even the local church with it's peal of bells that ring out every Sunday morning calling the faithful in.
This is the artist who won the Turner prize with the room that turned the lights on and off. Now actually there's a lot more to Martin Creed than this and I always think that the media response to so many of the people who win the Turner only gives a glimpse of what they are about. I googled him a while ago and was thrilled to see the paper work that he the lights, the scrap of masking tape on the wall etc. are only a tiny bit of his work and thoughts. I believe that he ahas already had a success with the bells in Italy...perhaps they are more used to bells than us or is it our reticence in not appearing rather loud?!

Wednesday, July 25

A Poem for Thursday

Seeing that this Friday is the start of the Olympics here in Britain, I thought that this might be apt.
 I associate sports day with the cringing agonies of knowing that I will fail ...
...and there's nothing I can do about it..
....but watch the winners win!
However I have enjoyed the run up to the games ...and if anyone has a ticket for any of the sports...have fun and don't scream so loud that you lose you voice...the potter will be doing that for you!

Sports Day

do not shiver
in unsightly shorts and shirts.

do they sit
dejectedly waiting for the next race.
that failure 
would rear it's ugly head,

elegant girls
and musclebound boys
romp off with the medals
once more.
on the beach,
polo in the sea.
A splash 
of waves on surf boards
and loud shouts of laughter.
this cannot be
sports day - can it?

Once again the wonderful dVerse is hosting "Open link night" week 54 so I'm hurrying along to make sure that I'm in my seat for the game to begin...yes I have a ticket!!