Wednesday, July 25

A Poem for Thursday

Seeing that this Friday is the start of the Olympics here in Britain, I thought that this might be apt.
 I associate sports day with the cringing agonies of knowing that I will fail ...
...and there's nothing I can do about it..
....but watch the winners win!
However I have enjoyed the run up to the games ...and if anyone has a ticket for any of the sports...have fun and don't scream so loud that you lose you voice...the potter will be doing that for you!

Sports Day

do not shiver
in unsightly shorts and shirts.

do they sit
dejectedly waiting for the next race.
that failure 
would rear it's ugly head,

elegant girls
and musclebound boys
romp off with the medals
once more.
on the beach,
polo in the sea.
A splash 
of waves on surf boards
and loud shouts of laughter.
this cannot be
sports day - can it?

Once again the wonderful dVerse is hosting "Open link night" week 54 so I'm hurrying along to make sure that I'm in my seat for the game to begin...yes I have a ticket!!


  1. I shall be enjoying the beach volley ball next week!

    1. well I wonder if you will see know that other red head ?!!!

  2. why is it everytime i try to comment i get sent to an advert and have to back out and do it again...weird...

    been playing in the pool all day today...and def got my work out...i know better than to challenge the olympic swimmers for sure...ha....will be fun to watch though...

    you got a ticket? that is way cool too..

    1. Brian...sorry about the ad. I think that I've been used! I'm getting a new computer soon and hopefully the gorgeous knowing son will get it out of the system....lucky you in the pool all day ...have fun.

  3. What excellent perspective on sport. Much needed balance to what we'll soon be seeing and hearing. Nice work.

    1. thankyou Steve...I think it's a case of can't do so won't do all my life!

  4. My memories of 'Sports Day' are completely the opposite of your; I always KNEW I would win, then didn't.

    I was listening to a sports psychologist recently talking about failure at the higher levels of sport. Just watch how many athletes suddenly develop a strain, pull a muscle, or simply collapse. It's all a response to FAILURE; poor dears.

    1. Cro...what positive thinking...if a little cognitively distorted...but I always say you need a bit of that in your life to get through!! thankyou.

  5. I shall definitely be glued to the TV for the opening ceremony tomorrow night Gerry and then for the rest of the games too.

    1. It's all very matter what the doom sayers say's great!!


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