Saturday, January 14

Art challenge...Day Six...Jonah in the Boat Asleep.

Day Six of the potters art challenge.

Many of the series Alan has produced have been based on well known Bible Stories. 
This is from the story of Jonah who disobeyed instructions...and ended up inside a BIG fish!....he eventually obeyed ...though still wasn't very it for yourself!
In this piece from the series Jonah is asleep in the boat...just before they throw him off to the fish!!!! Typical of the potter's sense of humour.

Friday, January 13

Day five of the potter's art challenge....and this camel seen in the window at the Buckenham Gallery in ready, willing and able to paaarrrtay!!
Where do the ideas come from?...I dread to think!
I think this sweet camel is long partying somewhere classy...but others will follow where he has lead no doubt.
You can always pop into the Potters House here on Heath Road Penketh to see what the potter is conjuring up at the moment.

Looking in  and...

...he's looking out!!

Thursday, January 12

Day Four Art Challenge....Alan Snape

Day Four...Alan Snape's Art Challenge and this Penguin is proudly showing off her/his Venetian crown. 

We spent many happy hours at The Brighton Arts Festival at The Open House of @AnneliesClarke for some years. 

She asked us to consider a Venetian Theme and this is what the potter came up with and very happy we are that he did. 
You can find them in the galleries that supply his ceramics as well as here at The Potters House Penketh......... there are other less theatrical penguins available ........!!

Wednesday, January 11

Art Challenge Day Three

Day Three of the potter's art challenge.
Most artists hate commissions...takes them away from what they want to means they have to ask questions!!
But commissions are also bread and butter for an artist! 
This commission was however a pleasure for Alan.
This is a Baptismal Bowl commissioned by a newly renovated Liverpool Church. 
(pics by G)

Tuesday, January 10

Alan Snape's Art Challenge...Day two.

Day Two for the "Potters" seven day art challenge.
one of the main ceramic pieces that Alan has produced here at The Potters House Penketh has been The Landscape Pots. these have each been individually produced with both land and seascapes.
These can be seen at our shop and gallery and also the galleries that stock his work in Southwold, Snape Maltings and Whitstable.

Monday, January 9

Day One...and the work from Alan Snape...aka the potter...
This is from the early days when he was still working on canvas and wood and metal assemblages....

"Honesty"...oil on board.6x6...still on the wall in our home...I love it. Gx

Sunday, January 8

Seven days of art.

This is day seven of the Facebook project where you post some art each day and then nominate someone to do the same.

My final pic today is one from a series I'm still working on...
The Walled Garden...
The Secret Garden...
I regularly go out into our own garden and look for the new thing...the little thing...the less that obvious thing...what I call on my Instagram post as....Mundane...though they are really what makes up the big things in our lives.
I started with The Open Door...and this is now The Locked Door.....who knows what excitement lies behind this door...if only we could get in!
Thankyou so much to those of you who stayed with me on this journey.
Tomorrow I'll be poating the potter's work with seven iconic pieces that Alan has produced over the years working here at The Potters House Penketh.
"The Locked Door"......Walton.