Wednesday, March 16


St. Patrick

Presumed facts.
Born in the Brit borderlands.
Father in the Roman Army.
Mother Brit.
Grandfather, priest in the early Orthodox Church.
Captured by bandits from Ireland.
Taken to Co.Antrim to be a minder of sheep.
Escaped after years by travelling west and getting a boat back to the Brit borderlands.
Dreamt that Ireland needed him.
Went back of his own free will.
Lived by the Orthodox calendar.
Travelled the land, freeing slaves, especially women.
Lived to his early hundreds.
Buried in St. Patrick's Cathedral, Armagh City.

There never were snakes in Ireland ....but it's a good story....
and we like a good story in Ireland.

I painted this icon from imagination.
He's a western saint, there are no old icons of Patrick.
My father lived in Co. Armagh, so I thought about him as I designed it.
Though he had no beard, and his hair was blond and he looked more like a Viking than a Celt.
But every thing about his demeanour was of Armagh and of his pride in that place.

My favourite Irish song?
Well it has to be Van Morrison singing ...

Belt it out Van!