Tuesday, November 13

A Poem for Thursday

The Midlanders

..a man was killed on the tracks, today.
I waited on platform two
for the train coming down from Glasgow.
Today... damp,cold,misty day in the north.

This middle England...
(Trains with no drivers)
of semis and trees...
(Drivers with no trains.)
ponies,cows and sheep.

A reassuring voice
reminds us
to take care when stepping down onto the platform.

Patient passengers
gaze silently
steamed up carriage windows .
Travelling in timelessness
each cocooned in their own dramas.
Business men,young mothers,grandparents.
Wheels turn almost without noise
over tracks...
in the trees
crows await rich pickings.

Going home
this is England
at it's most crowded.
Middle and everything.
All languages, all sizes, all ages.
All trying to get home.
Some get on the train.
Some  abandon the try....
Far from home...
Far from the destination.

Now I believe what they tell me...
...everything in everyway
ends in chaos.

Open Link Night ~ Week 70

Linking up to dVerse this week...it's been a while since I had the time to do it and ....miss it!!!


  1. whew...chaos i would say...everyone trying to get home...and one that never will...had to be a pretty intense moment...

    fixed your link for you...smiles.

    1. Brian ...you are a gem!...things are a bit hectic here at the Potters House at the moment and I gave up!!!
      Glad that you liked the thoughts.

  2. Love how you have described the scene...wonderful, put me right there in it.

    1. thankyou for your kind comment...travel in a crowded country!

  3. Gerry,
    Thanks for stopping by...this is a wonderfully lyric bit. The opening tells us it's not going to be a cheerful memoir, and you take us on a small journey on that most interesting of transport means...The station, the passengers, even the trips themselves can indeed seem like chaos. I enjoyed this thoughtful, superbly balanced string of images. Well done.

    1. thankyou for that Steve..it took me a while to sort out the lines and the rhythms.

  4. I saw the UK by train on my first trip - every bit of it when it was all British Rail and I felt I was there again in this fine piece. The natural need for British order does get thrown into chaos, when tragedy occurs, and when things seem to fall like dominoes. Engaging piece, I liked it much.

    1. thankyou beachanny....they are messing with something that isn't broken....but I suppose that's what they get paid for!!!


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