Wednesday, January 26


We visited at least seven beaches on the Goan coast.
Some were almost empty, others packed with western tourists and Indian beach sellers.

Sunset over the Arabian Sea.

A packed strand with wonderful coloured umbrellas.

Houses on stilts in pink...



and any colour you can think of.

For the Goans, life goes on across the beach..

Children entertain to earn money for the family. This child was only two and his brother played out the rhythm on the tambor while he danced the Bollywood dance for us and literally put himself through a metal hoop.

This is Sonia, a seller of jewellry.
She and all of the others that we met could speak perfect english although they had never been to school and had no hope of ever doing so.
In fact many could speak or at least use up to four languages.
Clever girls.

This little boy discovered a bottle of sun oil left by a tourist and so he smothered himself in the oil and grinned at such an exotic thing!

Behind the beaches are woods and forests and women collect dead branches to fed the fires needed to produce an evening meal for their families.

and fishermen lay their nets out ready for the sundown when all the boats are pushed out across the wooden runners and into the surf.

A place of extreme opposites.
Of leisure and work.
Of have and have not, both western and Indian.


  1. Wonderful photographs and I am sure that the potter has come back totally inspired.

  2. Weaver , we both are but I think it will take a while to think through all that happened!

  3. Fascinating photos, indeed...

  4. Sumptuous photographs. I feel warmer just for having looked at them.

  5. Just trying to play catchup on my blogger friends recent lives so I'm a bit late with this comment, but I have a friend who lives in Goa, Gerry. Talking to her on Skype last week, I was wrapped in a duvet, she was in a tiny cotton frock - and now your lovely photos...I see why.


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