Thursday, May 16

A Poem for Thursday... Ulysseian Wonderings.

Ulysseian Wonderings.

The fire spits and crackles


And the wind

Mouths melodies

Over the tallest stacks.

A conversation of intimacy.

Slow steady breathing from

The sleeping potter.

And I become acquainted

With Stephen Dedalus.

Strutting his stuff

Cocky as a wagtail

On the streets of “Dirty Dublin”.
                                                   (Gerry Snape)

(Image of Grafton Street 1900s....found on Google.)


  1. Oh how hose Jesuits taught the duality of man. This little piece makes Dedalus sound like not a Joyce character but Dickensian. Like it--a lot.

  2. can say that again!! Joyce liked to think of himself as a Dickens for Ireland type....that's for sure. Thankyou.

  3. one line to the next, your images are terrific, with Lines 6 and 9 tying everything so beautifully together. great poetry.

  4. NOt sure where my first comment went. anyway, this is a great poem. I am caught in your image-rich lines, each to the next so vivid. The subtle connection between lines 6 and 9 is truly brilliant.

    1. Jane...thankyou so much for your encouragement. I'm sort of deeply into revisiting a lot of my early backround in literature...and these thoughts keep popping up in the verse I'm writing.

  5. ah you transport me right there with you imagery...and a rather fun jaunt through it as the sounds in your opening lines...a conversation of intimacy...smiles. like.

  6. I love this Gerry. It is nice to be back from holiday.

  7. very the images...the crackling fire, the conversation of can def. get quite intimate with a city and its people and history...thanks for taking me there..


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