Wednesday, January 21

A Poem for Thursday...."I know a man".

David Harsent....winner of the T. S. Eliot Prize this week....
"If I can't hear the music, I don't think it is a poem".

I mulled this over for a few backround is words and's how I feel.

            I know a Man

I know a man who takes the basic earth wetted 
Turns it in his hands with concentration
Yet as if in a dream enters a dreamlike state and
Pulls the clay and pushes it down then lifts it up to form a vessel. 
His broad long fingered hands seem too big for the intricate
Flattened models that he places on the pot.
Shells and fish and rocking boats with stormy
Waves lashing the hulls that rise and dip around the form.
Then turns it on a turntable and views the work
Reviews with a critical eye.
Tweaking the soft shapes into submission.
And both man and clay submit to one another.


  1. I like the surprising two-way relationship at the end and I see what you mean by it. It's a novel way of putting it!

  2. I love this! I can see him working even now... The only problem is that you didn't mention hares - or penguins :)

    1. Ahhh Dana...those hares and penguins...they get me weekends away each time the cheque comes through from the galleries!!

  3. I heard music, but i have my headphones on playing Eddie Vetter. I saw a vision though, the relationship between man and earth.

  4. I love the quote about the music Gerry and also the poem it inspired you to write.

    1. Spent a easy day looking at some poets new to me today....the best!


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