Wednesday, February 1


I'm following in Ember's footsteps this year and getting rid of one thing every far so good.

Magazines from the year LBD too many and it had to go... many handbags can I genuinely think are necessary for the different occasions in my life? some have to go!

Ohh! yes, I could go on and bore you even more...until you tutted at the lunacy of the collector, and her wilful ways...


There are still areas of the house that I can't bear to consider as they are my worthless but magpie collections.


Not much of monetary value...just memories of Ireland ...children and grandchildren.


I'll just go and dig around in another drawer for a while...
...there's bound to be suitable throwing out or passing on materials in it!


  1. Difficult, isn't it! I think I've decided to accept the way I am, and simply live with all my junk.

  2. There is a difference between getting rid of clutter and keeping memento's. We need the gifts and treasures t remind us of the best days of our live. Clutter is just junk you don't need or haven't touched in more than months.

  3. You'll never know when you need that 'thing' though! xx

  4. thankyou for all of your comments.
    I shall remember that there is a difference in clutter and momento...thankyou walking man!

    Natasha...I'm thinking of the job you will have one day!!!but you are right never know the moment that you will need that thing!


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