Thursday, February 23

A Poem for Thursday

A child's innocence about the death of a bird...
..." did it have a good funeral? many people went to it?...did you go grandma?....why not?...."
..."It was too cold!"...

So I wrote this for the poetry group at Clair's Cake Shop...

Death by Soap and Water.

Winter slopes by
and the windows
are dimmed with grit.
A rising sun
brings renewed energy
and soap and water works.

Each day more light
and the spirit soars.

How do the birds know
on a bitter January day,
that homes must be built
and partners encouraged?

Soap and water works
on grimey winter windows,
and the song of the birds
gets louder.

The glass glistens...
"Begone damn spots",
all is clear now.

I hear the crash
and view the scraps
of feathers, beak,
legs and bone.

Deceived by soap and water.
destroyed by a housewife's obsession. 

The above painting was in an old copy of Irish Arts and I can't remember who painted it....
...if any one knows maybe they can let me know.
I think it very tender.

I've linked this in to dVerse poets but can't find where to comment so just hope that it is found...
soooo untechie it's not true!!


  1. Oh dear, I'm afraid I'm guilty too. Just two days ago... but the bird survived.

  2. I have stared and stared at this painting, compelling and frightening at the same time - oh and your poem, I'm sad, and away outside to see some bright, singing, live and kicking beautiful birds.

  3. Lovely thoughtful poem Gerry. Birds often hit our windows and leave their imprint. Often they survive but when they die (once it was a merlin) I feel so guilty and so sad. I agree about the painting - tender is just the word for it.

  4. Lovely poem Gerry - very thoughtful. I feel guilt when a bird hits our window too. Sometimes they survive but now and then one dies (once a merlin) and then I feel so guilty. I like the painting too - tender is the right word.

  5. I've been feeling guilty about my dirty windows......... not any longer Gerry I am saving the birds from that nasty 'bump'. Great wee poem.

  6. The poem and the painting are a perfect pair. It is a telling narrative and wonderfully executed. I just know I'm going to be going back to this.

  7. thankyou for the encouraging comments! ....I think of the little snippet of verse...
    "not one sparrow falls..."

  8. can we be blamed for the death? should we keep our windows dirty to avoid unnecessary death? i is sad the bird died though...nice repitition in the soap and water works...and nice description as well...

  9. Then
    I hear the crash
    and view the scraps
    of feathers, beak,
    legs and bone. - that's just some fantastic writing.

  10. Somehow the ending took me by surprise, despite the title. Poor little thing. Still, the story was nicely told with a dramatic twist and unexpected image at the end for me. I think also setting up some "humanity" about the bird in the beginning by building a shelter, having a partner, etc., also made me empathize more before it met its unfortunate ending...

  11. Hi - Well this certainly was a vivid image and a bright tale until it was a smashed tail. (I thought at first we were going to Hogwarts when I saw the name of your blog. You might be a wizard nonetheless, for your poetry casts quite a spell.
    Well done.

  12. this just gave me the best excuse ever to not clean my dirty windows...smiles...glad you joined us at dVerse... the comment box can be found on top of the post/right corner but people will find the piece by the link you left...a deep and thoughtful write..the thoughtful, visual first part sets the stage perfectly for the crash and the following guilt

  13. Gerry, the recipe of this small piece certainly came together to a fine piece of cake. The end, with birds and the window cleaning merged so well. A fine piece.

  14. walking man...I like the thought of a poem being a good cake daughter at will really love that!

    claudia...thankyou for the hint uo for the comment box!! and the kind remarks.

    beachanny...well now my granddaughter's nickname is indeed severus! you can be sure that we are fans!

    blue and nature are indeed often, "red in tooth and claw"...don't you think?

    Brian...I'm with you on this...guilt but then life is hard! I just think again of the verse..."not one sparrow falls..."

  15. Sad! I like poems like this with a twist, like life. Being an optimist and romantic, I suppose it might feel better to die against a clean and loved window than a dirty one?

    Thanks for visiting my site too.

  16. I admire you for being a poet. It's not my strength but I do love reading them.
    My windows are never that


  17. Terrific-- I've had that experience but thankfully not while cleaning... poignant and beautifully crafted...xxj


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