Wednesday, September 25

The Herb Garden

I must get out into the herb garden 
and tidy up the shaggy remains of the rosemary and sage
 and all the other wonderful herbs that have given me such pleasure
 this summer
 as the heat of the sun
 released the scents and heady perfumes.

...right at the bottom 
is this wonderful Tamarisk tree...
...there is something magical about a Tamarisk..
.the ferny leaves and soft pink feathery blossom
seem out of place up here in the north west land...
yet it not only blooms for weeks  of enjoyment
but holds a grape vine in it's strong branches.
This year the warmth has given us many bunches of green grapes 
which I plan to turn into fragrant grape jelly. the right of that is a little love seat ..
.made by the potter
 to catch the sun and the deliciousness of the garden
 and entwined in one of the chairs
 an everlasting perennial sweet pea 
given to me by my Irish brother many years ago.

...they say that a healthy sage in the garden
 is a sign of a wise woman!
Not too sure about that...
but it makes a goodly sage and onion 
 for the seasonal "bird"


  1. Have you tried deep-fried Sage leaves? A revelation; crisp and delicious!

    1. I have not ..but now I shall...thankyou Cro!!

  2. Love the idea of Cro's deep fried sage leaves!
    Is that your sage in flower Gerry? Mine has never flowered. I praise it for brushing against my leg as I pass it and leaving that lovely smell. I must now talk to it seriously and persuade it to flower next year.

    1. yes Pat it flowers every year...maybe you have a male plant? that possible with sage? I don't know ...would the farmer know?

  3. I wish i had enough talent in the labyrinth that is my life to not only find the sole path to the center bit to also keep a grape vine hanging in a tamirisk tree amidst an herb garden alive long enough to at least smell it all.

  4. ...too kind fairly well grows itself ...just a bit of tidying up at this time of year Mark...thankyou!!


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