Tuesday, November 16

"The Camel Ball".

She's slipped on her new Babouches, powdered her pretty nose, perfumed behind her ears...
And now she's ready for the "Camel Ball"!
Standing proud and yet quite coy, she's ready for  her Beau to take her on to the floor for the Egyptian salsa.
In four time of course!

Ceramics by Alan Snape at The Potters House Penketh.


  1. That man has such a brilliant sense of humour. Does he have a web site I can visit?

  2. Gerry, that is really so funny. She's going to a Camel ball! Those shoes! ´) What a wonderful humourus figure of a camel.

  3. Weaver, I did leave a reply to your question last evening, but it appears to have disappeared!! We had a web site www.thepottershousepenketh.co.uk but we lost it when we forgot to pay the biannual fee! So Ben, our son and I.T. genius, is going to sit beside me and help me restore it with the same address, which we still own. However most up to date work is on flickr. And anyone in the East Anglia district can see it in either The Snape Maltings Gallery or The Buckenham Gallery Southwold.
    Grethe, thankyou for your kind remark! The shoes were taken froma pair of my very pointy red ones, but they turned out much better as North African Babouches, which is much more apt for a camel, don't you think!

  4. That's quite a sexy camel!


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