Thursday, December 1


We have had eight duck and eight pheasant delivered to The Potters House this week. And the potter is busy cleaning and cooking them ready to turn them into delicious terrines. Then they will be enjoyed by all the volunteers who work at the community centre , early next January.
The smell of roasting game is making my mouth water and none of it is for me!....well I mean today....
How unfair can it be!?


  1. Two of my favourite fowl. Surely you could have 'mislaid' one somewhere (for later)!

  2. You could always put on a surgeons mask so you're not recognized and say that one of the fowl needs an emergency amputation.

  3. As I eat neither duck nor pheasant Gerry I am afraid I cannot sympathise!!!

  4. I'm waiting for the potteer to make his terrines and then I'll let you know if I approve of them this year! I'm sure I will.


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