Tuesday, March 23

Hedgehog in the Dish

I'm following a great blog called Hog Blog, all about the hedgehogs that he photographs in the garden at night. We often have hedgehogs in the back field, and now and again they venture up to the house ,just as this little one did.


  1. Oh adorable! I haven't seen a hedgehog for ages. What a handsome little fellow. Or girl. Whichever.

  2. Lovely photos!

    I've not had the opportunity to take any pics of my hogs in daylight. They seem to be resolutely nocturnal!

  3. Keep him until I come up! (Nini)

  4. How cute!
    My hogs usually arrive after dark.

  5. I love these pictures!!!

  6. How do you sex a hedgehog?
    Very carefully indeed!

  7. Hi there Gerry, welcome to the blogging world! I followed your comment at Hogblog. Leaving comments is a great way for people to discover your blog especially when new :-)

    Nice shots of the hog there. We get hog visits too. Still waiting to see they wander by for this year. I've been lucky enough to photos and video during the day. There is something special about the hedgehog :-D

    I do like your paintings and I see you are a gardener too. Have fun blogging. There is a nice community out there. You might like to visit Midmarsh Jottings.

  8. cute! is that Hermoine or Harry? xxx <3 xxx <3


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