Friday, March 26


I saw this quote from the Times at the weekend.  Tutor to Paloma Faith [singer], " The medium in which you express yourself is irrelevant. What is important is what you are trying to say." 

When I was at college working towards my B.A. in Fine Art, my struggle was to narrow down the ideas coming from my butterfly mind.
Whether to paint or collage, to use ceramics, installation art or performance.

Then as now the theme running through it all was, the human race on the edge. A place that I knew so well growing up, edge where sea meets land. A very edgy place yet also comforting in the eternal movement of time and tide. I have always been a gatherer of stuff thrown up by the waves. These are often bits thrown overboard, abandoned then changed by the water and salt and continual movement of wind and weather.

These pieces of work are the result of my years of looking and making. they are often a statement of relationships and family trauma and joy.                                                                  

       Sometimes they are just themselves!  
Together they make a statement about life and family and all those ordinary things that are really 

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