Sunday, March 21

Week-end at The bay

We spent a few days this weekend at our house by the coast.  Even if the weather isn't always wonderful, the freedom from business, phone and computer restores our souls! But the weather on Friday was sunny and bright and there's nothing like a walk on the promenade to relax you. Even better, a glass of Guinness drunk while gazing out to sea. The view across Morecambe Bay can be clear and sharp or hazy and mystical. You look out on to a hundred square miles of water or sand, depending on the turn of the tide. In the distance are the Lakeland Hills and the mountains behind them.

On Saturday we went back again for the Midland Afternoon Tea.  Sandwiches, cut the way Aunt Cis always did, scone, jam and clotted cream, crisp orange biscuits, carrot cake and cream buns. A feast. We had to wrap the biscuits and carrot cake in the napkins and take them back to the house for later. but apart from that we managed very well!  


  1. Looks like you had a lovely weekend, and the scones with cream and jam are making my mouth water as I write. I never have much luck when baking scones, I will have to give them another try now. From Carolyn

  2. What a spread as My mum would have said!


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