Monday, September 3

Berliner Walls

Our accomodation was in East Berlin. We went into the West side a few times but the East is the all singing, all dancing part of Berlin!
I have taken some pics of the posters that abound everywhere and the graffiti painted on every space available.

A plethora of official and unofficial wall paintings.

...and those wonderful round "pill-box" poster stands seen everywhere.
Love them !

I thought that this one had an irony to it....
...above an ad. for family entertainment and pasted over that...
one for international revolution.
Maybe the family will go to both?!

Just look at the number of bits of paper stuck on top of each other!
If I were young again and living there...I would take them as they fall off and soak them apart and paper my walls with them... it was I took one informing me that a rally was to be held that day to support the "Pussy Riot"...
...the three young Russian women jailed by the Putin regime for singing in the cathedral.
It hangs proudly in our dining room reminding me that actually, revolution is never far away!

The one that really got me was very simple...


We were walking through one of the few up market streets...but round the corner was a squat and 
perhaps they had pasted it up.

[not much happening on the blogging front....a new computer and new photo shop and I'm regularly flummoxed by them posts will be few and far between for a while]!


  1. The more I read of your visit to Berlin the more I fancy going there Gerry!
    I know what you mean by being flummoxed by computers - I have lost two photographs and it is driving me mad.

  2. Look forward to seeing it next time we visit! You'll get the hang of it all soon. xxx

  3. My ever-wandering youngest son spent some time living in Berlin. He said it was one of the coolest cities in Europe (along with Barcelona).

  4. I felt the same about my time in Berlin also a few months ago. My daughter is living there now - enjoyed your post.

  5. the wall art...and i am a sucker for looking at all the look often for similar ironies....


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