Friday, June 3

Jungle in Penketh!

Right beside our morning coffee spot is a jungle.
If I was a little mouse or a hedgehog or a beetle...yes especially a beetle...
I would be scurrying through this bean jungle.

Knowing that very little else could see me,
and I would be feasting on the goodies within!

But what is that I spy through the jungle?
Why nestling up agaist the warm fence are already more "rubies".

That's a bit early I think?
Still it means that I've really got to sort out the big freezer sooner that I was going to!

All vegetables and fruit c/o the potter  a.k.a. gardener!


  1. We have a broad bean jungle too, except ours has volunteer tomatoes and potatos springing up as well - lovely red currants, I forgot to water our bush and ours are a bit shrivelled, not like your beauties. Think everything is a bit early this year.

  2. Gretel..I like the thought of tomatoes and potatoes springing up and taking over the WORLD!!!

  3. I'll be expecting some jam!

  4. and you shall have it my love!

    still having to select my profile every time...what a bore!

  5. So early Gerry - I love redcurrants and even your picture made my mouth water.

    As for jungle - our flower garden turns into a jungle if you turn your back on it. I aim to remove a barrow load of weeds, dead heads etc. every day - and still it runs away with me.

  6. oh Pat do me good...I cut back the front yesterday and had to leave Alan to pick up the weeds there were so many that I was exhausted! what fun we have!


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