Saturday, June 4

Bienniel Garden Party

Well two years have come and gone since the last Garden Party extravaganza.
That was the 40th wedding do...
and people came from far and was a great weekend.



...and music.

This year we will once again be holding it for Frances House Children's Hospice in Didsbury.
But the format will be the same or nearly the same as the wedding bash..
I have a few little extras up my wide sleeve,
 that I hope will add a frisson of excitement to the proceedings!

Well for a start I was inspired to make some more bunting
 after seeing the article in this month's Country Living Magazine,
about the allotment owners Jazz Tea Parties each year.

I like creating atmosphere,
 but I'm not so great at taking the time to make it perfect... I was encouraged to see that they had made their bunting pretty randomly.

Last evening, I cut up lots of bits of the past  for the bunting...
sewed them quickly on to a green ribbon...

...trimmed off all of the loose ends...

...and strung it up on the swing to get an idea of the effect....I like it!

So, now I can mark that off the list of "things to be done"!
for Saturday 9th July
at The Potters House Penketh.


  1. your "random" bunting is really cute!! i am not familiar with the word "frisson", i'll be looking that one up....i like it.

    happy weekend to you,

  2. I admire you enormously....not only for having the strength to throw a party, but to make bunting too!

    Hope your bash is a smash.

  3. That looks like fun - I can't wait to see all your planning steps (You are going to show them to us, right?).

  4. How exciting! That sounds like such a fun time. :) And I love your pretty swing area.

  5. erin..I had to look up the meaning of frisson myself. the dictionary says...a thrill...well that's as maybe!

    Lo I am merely a bit of a mad woman with too many ideas in her head!

    I shall do my best to keep you up to scratch with the latest planning...but that's not to say that it will happen that way...things have a way of making their own plans!

    Thankyou all for your encouragement..and for Val for popping over.

  6. I will keep my fingers crossed for a find day for you. Pity we are just too far away to come over.

  7. Saturday 9th July? Dammit, I'm breaking my arm on the 8th, and won't be able to get away. I'll perform atheist voodoo for fine weather!

    When I was at college, my studio space was covered in bunting.... love it.

  8. Cro...thanks for the weather! glad that you're a bunting-fan!!

  9. Superb. Obviously a great time had by all, which is what matters.

  10. sadly can't be there - other places the other side of the country to be - hope it is a great success


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