Tuesday, May 31


I believe that there is a saying...maybe Chinese, maybe not....that if you live 'til strawberry time you will live another year.
I'll go with that!
I came down this morning to find that the gardener [a.k.a. the potter] had already been out in the vegetable patch and there were the first ruby red jewels of fruit that we blithely call...strawberries.
I think that they should have a much more exotic name. If I could think of one ...I'd rename them....can't think...o.k. call them strawberries!

Looks like we studded these with rubies!

They're all gone....
'til tomorrow morning!


  1. At present we have one pale pink one and about a dozen green ones - we are weeks behind you. I think they are almost worth of being called rubies. I think of them as my favourite fruit until raspberries come along.

  2. Mouthwatering! Alas, my wife is allergic to them, so they are a rare treat.

  3. Dave...how sad for her. My son is the same with raspberries.

  4. In a way it's quite a good thing to be a bit behind as you get to eat them after everyone else has stopped!! Raspberries I love especially in jam!

  5. __Such great photos and thoughts.

    Nothing steps above... the summer sweetnesses!

  6. Yes rubies would be good. They are like little rubies!Or Ruby berry. I wonder if we call them strawberries because they did put straw under the berries in order to keep them from the soil?


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