Tuesday, September 8

September Garden at the Potters House Penketh

 It's such a lovely mild sunny day today.

Possibly one of the last before the colder weather comes and the autumn rains.

So I took some pics of the herb garden before it has to be tidied up for the year.

I'm listening to BBC podcasts in the summerhouse almost every day at the moment.

Today it was on solitude...another post yet to hear  .....

but I think that this year has made me think more and more about solitude...

...not lonliness...just having more time alone and with my thoughts.

Anyway here are the pics for those of you who still look now and again at my blog.

...what's not to love about a September pumpkin swelling gently in the warm moist air...

...box and bay and the overloaded pear tree...

...and the last of the little red roses still bloom...

Stay safe all my fellow bloggers.
Thankyou for all your blogs and sharing your lives.

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  1. Gerry I love it when you post and I hear that you are still going strong. Nice green healthy garden. Hope things are fine with you.


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