Thursday, April 16

Wild Gardening

At the start of this year I decided that we would honour what was naturally happening in the large garden here at The Potters House Penketh...let's call it "Wild Gardening".
We call the back garden the  field as it's almost an acre of land.

Wildness around the apple orchard.

It was part of the Penketh Heath..and the road we live on was once the pathway through the heath on the east.
Then as we all know...coronavirus struck ...and affected us here in Penketh on the edge of the Mersey like everyone else around the world..

So locked in behind the iron gates of the field...there is little to do but garden!
Gone is the thought of a wild garden

Instead the grass has been cut,,,

 the labyrinth trimmed..

.and the vegetable patches have never been so prepared as this year.

a spot for peas and beans...

..I even had time to string up these cd's and stop the wood pigeons chomping on the domestic cherry tree this year...last year we got nothing!

The apple trees have been trimmed...and the blossom is already budding.

In the untimely heat of this April lockin..the garden is glorious.

Time to wander on the paths...the potter says seven circuits might make a mile far I've done three each day!

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