Thursday, April 30

Ther Year of the Tulip.

It's not that we haven't planted tulips every other usually at least a pot of red ones...

..and then we remember how much we love them and promise ourselves that we'll buy more next year...

... we discovered Sarah Raven's catalogues..oh my what wonderful tulips she offered...though not cheap!

The other problem we always find the timing for planting them up...too soon and they could rot if the weather is too warm or too you leave them in the package...until suddenly it's December and you notice that the tulips are still out in the back porch in their paper bag.

You dig some deep holes or search around for empty clay pots and hope that you can still get a big bag of bulb compost in the supermarkets!
This year...we grabbed a dozen bags of tulips from Aldi or Llidl...we had decided to economize.
They have been wonderful!

                                ..parrot          and        feather

golden feather

...and peach with a stripe.

The potter says.."It's the year of the tulip"

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