Thursday, November 28

Today at the Bold Street writers the prompt was 
Trains and Boats and Planes

They come from China
Where storage sheds fill acres of land
And high rise homes house workers
Who sleep the sleep of the exhausted
Before rising early to catch the next
Shift. They come from South America
Colourful and handmade. Combed alpaca
Mexican laced and Frida Kahloed
On cushions and fridge magnets
For teenage girls to plump up
Their bedrooms as they string
The Chinese LED lanterns around
The windows. They come from
India smelling of spices. Turmeric
Myrrh, frankincense and the East
Silks and satins and toiled over
Hand woven rugs to warm the
Feet of the teenagers’ mothers
Slumped in the rattan armchair
Exclusive to Habitat or Ikea or
Harrods. They come, they come.

And the warehouses fill with boxes
And crates and wooden carts and the
Strong arms of the Polish, Czech, Hungarian
Workers, lift and lay , lift and lay.

And the distribution points keep busy
Every moment of every day to satisfy
The people. And the roads fill up
With Stobart trucks and their wives
Names gaily painted on the bonnets
Keeping bonnets on the wives.

And in a room high in a glass castle
Grey costumed people with
Grey faces and grey hair, rub their
Hands and smile with satisfaction
At yet another Black Friday
G.Snape 28th Nov. 2019

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