Sunday, January 8

Seven days of art.

This is day seven of the Facebook project where you post some art each day and then nominate someone to do the same.

My final pic today is one from a series I'm still working on...
The Walled Garden...
The Secret Garden...
I regularly go out into our own garden and look for the new thing...the little thing...the less that obvious thing...what I call on my Instagram post as....Mundane...though they are really what makes up the big things in our lives.
I started with The Open Door...and this is now The Locked Door.....who knows what excitement lies behind this door...if only we could get in!
Thankyou so much to those of you who stayed with me on this journey.
Tomorrow I'll be poating the potter's work with seven iconic pieces that Alan has produced over the years working here at The Potters House Penketh.
"The Locked Door"......Walton.


  1. Interesting project - how I wish I had a few artistic bones in my body.

    1. Your writing is great...that's why we all follow you and how you write your stories of the life on the farm!

  2. There is ever meaning in closed doors.

    1. makes me want to get in there!!...and find out why it has been locked.


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