Sunday, January 15

Day Seven Art Challenge Alan Snape Potter

..and so we reach Day Seven of The Art Challenge for the potter...Alan Snape...
At the closing exhibition of his time studying art at St Martins Lancaster...every piece of work apart from two which we still have...sold! 
At that time Alan was working in wood, metal and ceramic. He was creating wall pieces with burnt wood and metal or clay..... big powerful pieces of art.
 I was always sorry that teaching at Penketh High...stopped all that influence. Too much else to think about...apart from family growingup etc!! 
So the commission for a wall mounted work to be placed in the foyer of the Oaks Centre  in Penketh was welcomed. 
The piece is composed of oak beams burnt in the bonfire, down the field, until charred to his satisfaction. Then formed into various sized crosses and three pure white ceramic balls placed within the sculpture.
If you ask him what it means you will receive a gentle shrug and...
 "what do you think?"

I'm adding this early pic of Alan's car....the beloved Rochdale with a friend from St. Martin's College Lancaster, the lovely sister @Rosiemcclellandart and yours glamorous, how young, how innocent we were!
I kept slim by pushing Nelly to start her most days!!


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  1. Alan certainly has artists vision intact. I like the way the cross installation sits and looks with the brick wall it is mounted on.

    So in times past you stayed slim by pushing Nelly around. What is the modern regimen Gerry?


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