Thursday, January 12

Day Four Art Challenge....Alan Snape

Day Four...Alan Snape's Art Challenge and this Penguin is proudly showing off her/his Venetian crown. 

We spent many happy hours at The Brighton Arts Festival at The Open House of @AnneliesClarke for some years. 

She asked us to consider a Venetian Theme and this is what the potter came up with and very happy we are that he did. 
You can find them in the galleries that supply his ceramics as well as here at The Potters House Penketh......... there are other less theatrical penguins available ........!!


  1. He/she is lovely. I am sorely tempted but as we are most likely to be downsizing shortly, everything is on hold at present.

  2. Does that mean you may leave the farm?...

  3. That's just a common King Penguin, isn't it? If you live in the Faulkland Islands, you call them 'king penguins.


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