Thursday, January 5

A Poem for Thursday....

I was asked by @neviepiecakes aka Natasha Collins...lovely daughter..if I would post some pics for seven days from the different series that I've taken on camera. Thankyou Natasha.
This photo is one of three from a travel series. It now belongs to a great friend. I'm sure that there are references in this pic from wonderful international photographers...and so I give them thanks for their blogs and hope that I may have learnt from them and their skills.

I often think poetry when I take pics...and this little poem is very apt for the feelings often there when on a long journey...and you are really nowhere!

To Travel
To travel is to be nowhere.
You’re not here
And you’re not there.
If you get the wrong train to somewhere,
Or you get off at
The wrong station for somewhere,
Does that mean
That you have completely disappeared?
And when the train gets to somewhere
Will they find that you are nowhere.
And how will you get back from there?

I'll post the other two in the series for you. 

 The start of the journey

All change at Euston


  1. The journey started somewhere that I no longer am at, and traversed places I am not going back to, when I return to my destination then I will have been found, prior to that; I am good with lost.

  2. Love those thoughts Mark!! Thankyou.


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