Sunday, June 26

A new era.

Thoughts on the reading of the introduction to Arthur Millar's play...All my Sons...
A family at but love that is prepared to act unethically to get what it feels is its due rights and respect.
The Stay people who are now accused of being sour and the Brexit people...are fighting a losing battle. They are accused of being intellectuals, academics, arrogant exclusivists who have no idea how the rest of the country live and feel. But this scenario, this present story, this situation has all gone on many times it has been written by Chaucer, Ben Jonson, Shakespeare, Hemingway, Harvey Lee, Steinbeck and mention only a few. Yes these might be all put in a bag as "intellectual clap trap", if we so wish. I will go back further and cite the Old Testament and betrayal, and of course the New Testament and the great betrayal that happened within seven days in the life of Jesus. All written literature...wherever you might be coming from and either accepting it as truth or fiction...nevertheless there it is. And of course we can look back to a lot less years and the 20s and 30s and a people in need of leadership ready to accept the apparently strong leadership offered but taking on however reluctantly the package that went with it.
So in All my Sons by Arthur Millar....Joe Keller says..." you can't live without denial, the truth and mankind are cousins, not brothers and sisters, have to deny something in order to survive. I think they are all denying something". Millar said in summing up..."he is the broken promise of the past".... referring to Joe's neighbour George.
Christopher Bigsby in this introduction to Millar's play writes..."... It is not breaches of the law...but the removal of the buoys which mark a safe passage through ocean waters. Remove such buoys, literal and symbolic, and there is no longer a common world from which we may derive either personal identity or social meaning".
I fear that this is the world we now enter...without signposts to guide or tender- heartened to console.
My love to all.....Gx


  1. Gerry I had been paying attention to the arguments on both sides and simply not pestering my acquaintances who live in the UK for their position. I wanted to suss it out for myself and to be honest OI never really took a side. Brexit is a shipping channel I shall never travel in, but I do see very similar xenophobic, lack of a thriving middle class, a rudderless ship of state due to the constant infighting here between ideologies and I wonder...

    Though I am glad, very glad they found at least two Mexican flags in Scotland.

    I do not have a guess for your future or our own, I do know from past experience though uncharted waters have to be traversed slowly and carefully.

  2. Thankyou Mark...yes we two countries have many more stormy waters to navigate!!


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