Monday, April 18

Somerset Levels Commission.

This commission came from an Irish friend, for some relatives living in Somerset and loving the levels.

 The potter is more used to his land and seascape pots based mainly on Southwold and this was a new venture and much perusal of google pics and pinterest boards were looked at, before he sketched his ideas in a book and started the heavy job of raising a large ceramic pot. It is big...not quite a metre high but not far off! 

There were certain requirements made for the decor on the exterior...hares, heron, water and reeds...and the potter added his usual wonderfully modelled bridges, fences and landscape. The glazes are chosen to enhance the fired clay and the final glaze firing reveals whether or not it has been a success.
Well this is the second one...not that the first wasn't good it was, but experience tells you that often the next one manages to capture the essence of a piece. Soon it will be on it's way to The Levels...then we shall see if it has done it's job. 


  1. I love it. Absolutely beautiful. I didn't know that you knew the Aldbrough area - we stayed in The White Lion hotel there for a week last year. A beautiful place - certainly inspirational. And so of course are the Somerset levels.


  2. thankyou Pat...yes we know the White Lion as well...stayed there in the autumn when we went to the last Poetry Festival...looking forward to taking the pot to Somerset.

  3. I LOVE that! Gorgeous! He's so very talented...

    1. Is one is certainly a bit special...Thankyou Dana...I read your obituary...she sounds such a lovely will miss her. Lots of love .

  4. What a fabulous pot; the new owners are very lucky.

  5. Thankyou Cro....never been to a treat in store there I'm told.


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