Friday, April 29

A Poem for Thursday

This poem has had a spring clean....some editing!
It amazing what a month or two of lying low can do for words.

The arrogance of birds...
or ...
The jealousy of ground dwellers.

Here's what you get for having a tree in your garden.
You get magpies and crows, wood pigeons and robins,
 Who perch on the very top branch in an April morning
When the mellowness of Spring mists are rising.
And they look down at the world around them
 Feeling superior to us below at ground level.
And that's what you get for allowing a tree
To reach its ultimate height...... apart from the oxygen. can see more of my pics at instagram geraldinesnape


  1. A poem to please my every wish.

  2. Thankyou Vivi!...and also for the kindly follow. I shalldo the same and read your blog with interest.


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