Thursday, April 21

A Poem for Thursday

The Midsummer Knight's Dream

This morning at the Thursday morning writers group the prompt was  from Margaret K.
" Brush up your Shakespeare"
But some of us were grieving for another writer of both comedy and tragedy ....
Victoria Woods. 
Then on top of it being Shakespeare's birthday this week...a double whammy with The Queen's 90th. today. What a week! Now whether you are for or against the celebrate a 90th birthday and be the longest reigning Queen ever, deserves at the very least a mention.
 But my thoughts were about Victoria...the Queen of Comedy since the 70s......and this one is for her...and for her beloved Morecambe...and in particular Lubin's...a place of inspiration. We were lucky enough to eat there  many times before it closed its doors for good. 
I have read that..." Is it on the trolley?"... maybe a quote from Lubin's !!!!!

Some artistic licence in this mad sonnet.

The Midsummer Knights Dream
We sat on the crimson red sofa,
The potter, the daughter and me.
We ordered a platter with cheeses
Some bread and a big pot of tea.

When who should come in through the doorway
With her children and husband in tow
Victoria and the Magician
In his best Sunday suit and his bow.

The sun caught the top of his bald pate,
She heaved up her boobs from below.
Her kids ordered meat pie at Lubin's
And icecream to have on the go.

But the dream was just Midsummer Madness
For she's gone, and we're left with our sadness.


  1. How lovely Gerry she'd of loved it I'm sure, what a legacy she left that even in a time of great sadness she can still put a smile on our face, Elizabeth x

  2. Thank you Elizabeth....I hope we get some good replays of her tv work!

  3. Well Elizabeth up there used the adjective that first came to me so I will simply say what an endearing tribute.

  4. So good Mark t be getting come back from you to you!


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