Friday, December 4

Blogging, followers and friends!!

I've been posting blogs since March 2010...I can hardly believe that!
 But in all that time I've not personally met a single blogger friend. Well all that has changed! 
The timing was exact...the place was right ...the conversation started...and lo and behold...someone who actually had read my posts...finding them on the sidebar list of the wonderful Pen Wilcox. Stunned ..we both were.
I was standing by the Pithoi pots at The Beetham Garden Centre near Milnthorpe in Lancashire when as I was ringing the rims to make sure that the pot was little crack or flaw will not give a bell-like sound. (This I know from the potter himself!...he had rung one or two before going off to buy a pot for our Christmas present to one another.)

It's big!...some in the Tuesday evening ceramic group that he teaches wondered why he didn't make it's bigger than the kiln for a start! And pithoi from Crete are famous for their shapes and traditional decoration.
So now I'm a follower on "woolywanderer" on Instagram...I'm G Snape there.."Documenting the Mundane" by the way. And also a follower on .

We hugged with laughter and tears and hugged again...two grown women who had never met but had so much in common! 
Well that's blogging for you. You wait five years and along comes a follower and then a friend. We shall plan to meet up again I'm sure of that as we both have homes around that glorious Bay I talk about so much.

Thankyou Blogspot...thankyou daughter for getting me started...thankyou senior grandgirl for encouraging and quietly showing me techie things!!


  1. I love that pot. I wanted to buy an old one for our poolside, but they cost a fortune!

    Years ago I had some cycling blog tourists turn up at the house. They had worked out exactly where I lived, and even said that they recognised my veg garden (Haddock's). They were a very pleasant couple, but it was a bit worrying.

  2. ...big enough Cro to put the potter in!....yes we do put ourselves out there on blogger!

  3. I do agree Gerry - meeting people I blog with has confirmed what I knew already - we are like-minded and friends within a couple of minutes. Hope you are keeping warm and dry over there.

  4. ...warm and dry here at The Potters House but I hear that The Bay is having major problems with flooding...hope it gets better.


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