Tuesday, May 26

...queen anne...her lace and other wild flowers...

The last week in May and the roadsides and lanes are white with the delicate florets of the wild flower called queen anne's lace.....Anthriscus sylvestris...to the afficionados of "Spring Watch"...
..or wild carrot...

Queen Anne was tatting white lace. (Tatting is the all-but-lost art of making lace by hand.) The beautiful white lace she was tatting became the white lacy flowers of the wild carrot plant. She pricked her finger and one drop of blood oozed out. This became the central dark red or purple sterile floret that is present on some, but not all, Queen Anne's Lace flowers.
Legends disagree as to which Queen Anne was tatting such lovely lace. Some say it was Anne (1574 - 1619), the first Stuart Queen Anne, who was brought over from Denmark at fourteen years of age to be a Queen to King James of Scotland. Others argue it was Anne (1665 - 1714), the daughter of William and Mary, and the last monarch in the Stuart line. Both Annes died in their forties!

...Cant help but stop every few yards and take another pic..."wait potter..I'll be with you in a minute!"....patient man!!!

...and all on the magic lane that leads to "Jack Scout" and "Jenny Brown's Point ".


  1. That one dot of red in the middle of QAL has fascinated me since I was very small. I suppose my mother must have showed it to me. Nature's little bit of fun.

  2. I had forgotten the story until I googled it for the post...lovely!!!


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