Thursday, May 28

A Poem for Thursday..."A Time in Times"

There are times in all of our lives when we have to stop on the road we are travelling...look around at the circumstances...and review the situation.
It can be a change of direction is needed...and a change of priorities
This was our made us the people we are today.
A Time in Times.

We disappeared into a nether world.
Became invisible and without form.
People who had known us passed by unblinking
Those who sensed our presence were few and far between.
All that we had been had disappeared with the mists of time.
Persona non gratis is what we became.
Even Harry Potter could not have gone as completely as we did.
So new rules had to be formed.
New priorities and timings worked out.
This nether world was to us an enigma.
And so we set to learn the laws in our new country.


  1. A very wise poem Gerry - if only more people realised it.

  2. I can certainly relate, except i was standing still while the world around us completely changed. I don't mind being invisible.

    1.'re right Mark...sometimes the best thing ever!!

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    1. you comment came through deleted!! worries!


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