Tuesday, March 10

The Girl's Grammer School....Palmyra Square..Cultural Quarters...Warrington

Something about a door draws us ...it draws us in , it draws us through and then leads us out...
...this door is one of many stunning examples of the interior architecture of #TheGirlsGrammerSchool #Warrington ...now @theInstitute in Palmyra Square.
I was lucky enough to be able to take pics in the building before it was knocked around a bit for the recent renovations ...

I love the featured stairwell also...the faded pink of the flooring and the iron work of the railings.....still there...thankfully.

so much history in this old town still to discover!


  1. I do hope these lovely architectural features were kept intact - they are very much like the grammar school I attended many years ago and which has since been made into just part of the Education Offices. So sad in many ways.

  2. Victorian architecture is not the 'friendliest', but it usually reeks of quality.


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