Tuesday, March 17

A Poem for Thursday...prompted by #DeVerse today.

When I was just five years of age my mother walked with me to the bus stop and we boarded the bus down the Ormeau Road.
We got off the bus halfway down the road and walked  to a little terrace house in a street just off the main thoroughfare.
She knocked on the door which opened straight on to the pavement...and we were ushered in to a little room with other children in it and a man...I was to call .."Mr. Graeme Roberts"..Why the prefix was always there I'm not sure ...but it seemed appropriate!
So I was introduced to R.L.Stevenson...A.A. Milne ...Rose Fyleman and many, many others.
This poem is of my memories and the lifelong love that he instilled in me for the rhythm and the rhyme of life.

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  1. Interesting poem Gerry and what a lovely way to be introduced to poetry. And now the 'powers that be' are saying that children should no longer have to learn poetry off by heart - when I think of all the poems I learned, poems which have stayed with me throughout my life, I am sad that things have come to this.


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