Friday, February 13

Do you do what I do every bulbs and then forget to plant them...or even buy the bulbs in flower in the early spring to pop in the ground and never get round to it?
Pat at The Weaver of Grass and Karen at Moonlight and Hares have the bestest pics of their snowdrops.....
My snowdrops have all but disappeared ..I go out looking for them in late winter...but only the early leaves of the bluebells appear. So I buy again...and once again don't get round to putting them in the soil.
Thankyou Pat and Karen for the pics...I must survive on these...and maybe manage this year to plant the pots!

I may get round to the tulips...I really love red's hoping!


  1. We are going tomorrow to half-inch a load of snowdrop plants. We know a nearby spot that is covered with them. We do have a few mini daffs almost in flower.... Hooray!

  2. You have to admit though Gerry that the snowdrops in your picture are really pretty and so is the basket they are in. They are best planted in the green, so put them in now.

  3. ..wonder of wonders inspired by our lovely Hungarian neighbours...we ventured out into the rockery and managed to plant not only the snowdrops ...but also the tulips...thankyou for the encouragement all round!!

  4. I put a reminder on my calendar to plant some flower seeds in the spring. We'll see if I pay attention to it!

    1. oh dear Dana...I have packets of beautiful seeds waiting for me to think on...and remember when they should be sown and when transplanted and ...oh the pressure...but I really always mean to do it each year


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