Wednesday, February 18

A Poem for Thursday....Beyond Silence (with many thanks to S. Heaney)

Is it the rhythm of the wheels on the motorway surface or the rapidly changing landscape that stimulates my mind so much when we take long road trips. The radio is on...sharply relaxed in the seat by the potter...watching out for fools on the road. They love roads do fools...learnt that by my father's side as he taught me to drive in my teenage years.

Beyond Silence
Something beautiful happened
On our way down the M6
England's main blood line.
A great flock of starlings
and a murmuration! While
Snow spat down on us and 
The wind struck hard as iron.
Leaving us with only
A holy heavy silence.


  1. Beautiful. So nice to read a poem which is not nasty about the motorway!!

  2. No winter is beastly enough to leave silence on the highway here. There is ever the crunch and crash of the fools who make noise.

    BUT at 20 below zero there is true silence in the neighborhood.

    1. True Mark...though sometimes I think of it all as sort of Zen and the motorcar!!!!

  3. Well I do think of them as the bloodlines of our lives...even if they frustrate us and make us mad at times!

  4. Lovely to find your comment. Glad to hear you still enjoy a wander along the beaches. So windy and cold here, snow on the tops but fabulous views.
    Hope you are both keeping well.

  5. This really captures that moment of wonder so well!

    1. thankyou for the kind words....


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