Wednesday, January 7

Something Beautiful.

I'm reading "The lives of Stella Bain" Anita Shreve. Pat from the Writers Group recommended it...something in it reminded me of the blog...'Kind over Matter'...making an effort to act or speak kindly each day. In the novel a soldier in France in the First World War looks for something beautiful every day...not easy in the middle of such destruction and chaos. Perhaps I'll have a go at I watched the bird feeders in the hotel garden where the potter and me are staying....the thrill was a woodpecker with its wonderful red tail feathers ...though of course...all the other little birds made a quick exit.


  1. Very good advice - I shall try it for a week or two as I am still recovering from the stress of toomuch entertaining over Christmas (although it was lovely seeing everyone.)

    1. The thoughts before hand are great...but the energy levels soon drain away as the days go on!

  2. Replies
    1. I'm trying to keep it up....though maybe not to post it on blogger every day...I do post a lot on Instagram and potters house penketh face book page....with so much negativity around I'm a great believer in looking for the positive and beauty in the world....without being twee!!


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