Wednesday, April 2

A Poem for Thursday

The prompt we were given at The Writer's Workshop on Thursday morning in The Gateway Warrington was a card. Mine had a pic of a baby polar bear and inside the word ...Christmas!!
So in a couple of hours I came up with this offering!

Baby Polar Bear

"Christmas comes but once a year
And when it comes it brings good cheer."
But if you're stuck upon a floe
And there is nowhere else to go
It's hard to keep a cheerful face
Accept what's happened with good grace.
I didn't mean to push my brother
He landed one way or another
Inside our mother's fishing hole.
He didn't like the freezing cold.
He screamed and called me such rude names
And mother said I was to blame
For all the things that made her mad
Broke her heart and left her sad.
I thought that rotten fishy heads
I left beside her on the bed
Would pacify and calm her down.
Would make her smile, but when she found
Them sticking to her tummy fur
That ..was the very end for her.
I sit upon this icy floe
And wonder which way it will go.
If north, I'm sure to find my way
If south to melt? well who can say....
If Christmas on some warmer shore
Will find me laid out on the floor.
A present for some mother's child
My eyes still sad whiskers wired.
I'm going to promise to be good
To be the joy I know I could
If only to be sure that they
Are MY presents on Christmas day!

I'm linking this one into DeVerse...Poetics....hope it finds some laughter!!!


  1. Everyone loves polar bears..this is cute. I can just see two cub brothers vying for their mother's approval!

  2. A fun poem indeed, thank you so much for joining in, Gerry (or Geraldine, which do you prefer?).

  3. Just a minute while I wipe my eyes and blow my nose!

  4. I found it cute.. the nursery rhyme fitted the picture I see of the little polar bear.. poor soul being all alone..

  5. ha. i am glad no one leaves me fish heads to make me feel better....
    promise to be good...we can certainly try...

  6. Wonderful rhyming in this poem! I am chuckling to myself wondering what World Wildlife Fund and other organizations committed to saving the Polar Bear would think of it would bring a smile in the midst of so much hard work.


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