Monday, February 10

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...the abandoned bike... #pottershousepenkethCreated with Photo Editor- Putting the wood together in the yard to get an idea of the layout. # pottershousepenketh # ceramicCreated with Photo Editor- Distressing the oak in the fire for the installation at The Oaks Centre @pottershousepenkethCreated with Photo Editor- Burning the oak for the installation.imageimage
Created with Photo Editor-Created with Photo Editor-imagedark sky over the promboats on the bay 2boats on the bay 1
The Red Road Donegal"The Leaving"two figures rodinlife drawing three minute sketches collagethe goliath bowl collageBlue stone...Fran Crowe
assemblage... gull and seadonegal girl denisedonaghadeebridge at kilcarbottom of rosies garden donegalpath over the shingle

Some photos of work by
The Potters House Artists.


  1. There is some really beautiful stuff on here Geraldine - I have enjoyed looking throiugh it.

    1. Thankyou so much Pat...I actually was trying to put an app on the sidebar of the you think I could? that's why the whole lot came up!, Not techie enough.


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