Thursday, February 13

A Poem for Thursday...."The End of the Line"

With so much relayed over the media and the papers full of the sad stories of flooded homes and broken journeys...I'm putting up this post as a memory of another sea...another train journey...another ending...though for how long none of us can be sure any longer.

The End Of The Line

Let's go live at the end of the line
Where breakers fall over rolling stones.
We'll ride the train that we rode when young,
Watch how the steam mists our view of the sea
As it hisses and cools on the iron, on the brass.
And the cry of the gulls as they dive, as they soar
Will welcome us back
Will welcome us back.

Let's board the train that we rode long ago.
Where the end of the line will have water and sand.
We'll be welcomed again by the mewing of gulls
By the smell of spun sugar and hot lardy chips.
And there, will be space enough for our thoughts
With salt winds to blow away stale urban fog.
To welcome us back
To welcome us back.

They're saying the crust is beginning to crack.
That the cold winds of change are blowing our way.
Yet, when I take  the journey again to the end
Of the line, where the seagulls are soaring above,
To the edge of the tide, to the line in the sand...
The memory of all things, of all being well
Embraces me back
Embraces me back.


  1. Exquisite Gerry. I love the way you have captured the movement of the train.

    1. Thankyou Pat for those kind words...

  2. I think all strive for but few really feel that final acceptance and accept the embrace without trying to push it away for as long as there is a train running for someone somewhere.

  3. Mark...a good critique...thankyou...yes there is much to fear but if we don't have hope for a future...then ..we perish...

  4. "...board the train that we rode long ago."
    "...the memory of all things."
    __Often, 'tis well to step back and feel what was, to face what is... so lovingly written here Gerry. _m


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