Monday, October 14

Leighton Moss...Autumnwatch...

I was only 15 when I first came to The Bay...

 ..that's me looking like a tomboy rather than the glamorous two beside me!

...the Bay of course being...
...Morecambe Bay..
..with the most amount of sand in any of the British bays...though often...deadly....100 sq. mls of it!!'s quick...very quick!!
Skirting the bay is a wonderful nature reserve called ....
...Leighton Moss.
Up on a twitter site came the information that the BBC Autumnwatch  series this year was to be based by the bay.

So we went... and loved it...
...not so much because of the birds...we are not birders let alone twitchers..
...nor the deer just entering their rutting season...
..also interesting..
...and we didn't catch sight of the beavers...bah... we just went to be nosey I suppose, and then got caught up in it's otherworldliness.
I took the Lumix Panasonic DMC-FZ45 with me to take some pics...
...but my tiddling little camera was as nothing compared to the whoppers owned by the serious snappers..
...why some even had a sort of structure on their back to hold the length of the thing!!

So I resorted in the end to my Apple ipad and took some views on Instagram...which I have to say is such fun!!
But you know me...I haven't yet worked out how to transfer them to my blog...
one day!
So here are a few pics taken with the camera..
and edited a smidgen on Picdeer, beavers, birdsMonkey.

 can see that it's well worth a visit.
Maybe catch you there one day...who knows!!


  1. That place looks like a balm for the soul!

    1. I shall bottle it and sell it as "Soul Balm"....lovely thought Dana.


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