Wednesday, October 9

A Poem for Thursday...Poison.

After a gap of at least a year ...the fly agaric fungi are back...and in more numbers than ever.
Now I'm not unaware of the danger of these....deathly!!
...but they do hold a facination for me and a reluctance to throw them in the bin!!

...these exotic plants are succoured...if innocently the Birch Grove in the field...each tree representing one member of the family... the thoughts are there I'm sure you will realise of the many ways that relationships prosper or fail...within the family unit. the poem to go with it ......

Poison grows and spreads
in the garden.
Under the shivering birches
it grows.
Fiery and red 
it attracts my attention.
Birds and squirrels 
Sample it's wares.
But I am afraid
To touch it
So I leave it there
To prosper/ fester.
Just as Blake left the poison tree.
A Dark Facination remains
In me.

I've popped it on to you tube...but as it's my first foray into this medium...I've not yet discovered exactly how to put it with this post.... you will find it on the one before!!!!

I will succeed!!!

oh nearly forgot to link up with dVerse at the pub....
too much new stuff going on in my head!!


  1. I love the fly agaric too Gerry - it is the most fascinating of all the fungi I think. They are coming thick and fast now aren't they

    1. Pat do your's also grow under the birch trees or some other type of tree?

  2. A fascinating fungi.. and not as deadly as it's white cousin.. we are mushroom freaks here in Sweden... but I never pick these ones. Chantarelle are my favourite

    1. Thankyou Bjorn...I've never seen a white one!!

  3. def some fascination there...we had a ton of mushrooms this year....i dont know it was because of the wet season but....and make a nice metaphor as well...


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