Tuesday, September 3

About time...!

So this morning...rather nervously and not really knowing what to expect...

...I made my way to the Bank Quay House Cafe where a group of local writers meet twice a month to network, chat over coffee and read their contributions to one another.

Lovely people...of course they were ...no ogres...no harsh critics...though that may come...we shall see!!

I read one of my thoughts scribbled down while helping Rosie in Donegal with her workshop...
...but I'm saving all of those just in case I get up enough courage to send them off to some competition...I really think I must accept that you have to be in it to win it!!

No I'm not thinking money...just a bit of come back from fellow poets.

Anyway I think you deserve a pic from Donegal if you have managed to read through this excitement!!

...this Teelin fisherman was waiting for salmon..
...sadly someone else caught it that day...
..that's life!!


  1. Lovely picture Gerry - the colour of the water and the composition too. I belong a writers' group - I can no longer be bothered to send stuff off - it is too time consuming, but it is a lovely group I belong to and we have a good time. I shall be going along in the morning and shall probably post my morning's contribution on my blog later in the day. Do envy you Donegal.

    1. thankyou Pat...it was a good morning and I'm hoping to be able to get to an evening ine as well though it will sometimes clash with our Morecambe weekends. ...the Teelin River is beautiful indeed.

  2. I was thinking about Pat while I read this & was going to tell you about her positive experience - ha!

    1. Dana ...I love Pat's enthusiasm for life!!


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