Friday, July 19

Poem for Thursday...dVerse ...mix and match

I'm taking as my prompt...
...Beautiful Solitude ...I don't want to miss the second birthday celebration of I spent a few hours down the field in my quiet place taking in the "soul-touchers" around me.
I think that this needs quite a bit of rewriting...but here are the bare bones of my contribution for the party....thankyou Tony Maude for the thoughts!!

Swing thoughts

The evening sky
Down on the horizon line
And an eastern breeze
Chants in the labyrinth grasses

Young swallows
Lower their standards
And scream down the air
For late…late insects

Give me your virgin fly past
And while my soul cries stay
And fill the gap
Winter is coming and
I may live in this town
But I don’t belong here. this is for dVerse Poets Pub ..."mix and match"and a very happy birthday to all those lovely poets who contribute and give me so much reading pleasure.


  1. a big difference between living there and belonging that is for sure...loved the bit of the swallow screaming down to take his meal...sounds like a good enough sit for me...smiles.

    1. my favourite birds Brian!! they denote summer and winter for me.

    2. rather partial to hummingbirds personally...had one hovering before me on the porch today...

    3. we would love to have humming birds ...we have humming bird moths ...but that's all ...

  2. I may live in this town
    But I don’t belong here.

    These lines make me want to cry. You wrote a beautiful offering for the prompt.

  3. And your fledgling poem gives me such pleasure too Gerry - voices my thoughts exactly.

    1. thankyou Pat...I've had a bit of a poetic spurt recently...nice!!!

  4. You do them proud, a very fine poem to grace their celebrations.

    1. thankyou is certainly my favourite poetry site.


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