Tuesday, July 2


Big and strongly perfumed this year...could it be the British weather? Rain...cool ..even some may say...cold and miserable...?
Is that why the elderflowers are so lovely, fig are "afigging" and the strawberries are bursting...oh and even the cherry tree has excelled itself!?
Well whatever the reason it means that the annual making of the Elderflower syrup can begin.

So this morning my dear friend in Criccieth... north Wales... put up this great recipe for the syrup.
I don't usually make the cordial as I find that I can store syrup in yoghurt pots in the freezer and always add some tonic or soda water afterwards.

The Recipe...



 900 g sugar
 600 ml water
 12 heads elderflowers, picked of any bugs but not washed
 2 lemons, 1 thickly zested, 1 sliced


1. Dissolve the sugar in the water to make a syrup. 

2. Put the elderflower heads into a bowl with the thickly pared lemon zest and lemon slices. 

3. Pour over the boiling syrup, cover and leave overnight. 

4. Strain through muslin and bottle the elderflower syrup. ...or pot and freeze.

Serving suggestions
 Champagne and elderflower jelly: warm champagne with elderflower syrup to taste – don’t boil. Add softened gelatine leaves (9 leaves for 600ml of liquid) and leave to set in the fridge.
Elderflower granite: balance the sweetness of the elderflower syrup with some lemon juice and water. Freeze the mixture in a shallow tray and break up with a fork when half frozen. Serve with spoons.
 Elderflower champagne: add a drop of elderflower syrup to a glass of chilled champagne. Scatter with a few elderflowers. 

I haven't made the jelly...jello for my US friends...but the granite and champagne are ...


  1. Our elderflower heads are only just coming out Gerry - but I love elderflower cordial, so shall have a go at making this. Thanks.

    1. I had a drink mixed with tonic which gives it such a good kick...of course there could be other little kicks added!!

  2. Love Elderflowers. Don't know about the things you make from it.

  3. I made my usual brew of Elderflower Champagne, intending to do a second lot, but the flowers have now all gone.

  4. Seeing as i have been permanently banned from stove and pan at the same time I am going to have to take your word on this one Gerry.

    1. You7 will have to get someone to make it for you Mark!!

  5. Last year I made Elderflower syrup and cordial however, this year I hope to have a good harvest of Elder berries to make syrup and a goodly drop Elderberry Brandy.

    1. ...that sounds like a goodly plan!...I always try to make the sloe gin...though it could be sloe whiskey or even sloe rum...I'm not choosey!! I'm just about to start the annual "Sommer Topf" that's a goody too!!


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